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Registrar Information Request

This form is to be used by those requesting information from the Office of the Registrar. Federal privacy
regulations require strict monitoring of access to student information. Persons or organizations must demonstrate
that the information is needed for institutional/educational reasons only. Requestors accept the fact that misuse
of student information may subject them to discipline under ASU policies and/or civil liability.

The submission of this form will be delivered to and answered by the Office of the Registrar over e-mail. Appalachian State University E-mail Facilities are reserved for University-related educational, research and administrative purposes. Commercial use of the University’s computing network is prohibited. Any use of University E-mail Facilities that interferes with University activities and functions, or inconsistent with the mission of the University, is improper and may result in legal action and liability. This information will be provided to you in accordance with the University’s obligations under North Carolina law and for the one-time request only. Fulfillment of your request does not constitute endorsement of your organization, product(s) or service(s), and does not constitute permission to use the University’s computing and communications networks. Any false claim (expressed or implied) concerning Appalachian State University is expressly forbidden. Misrepresentation of the University with your organization, product(s) or service(s) (e.g., unauthorized use of Appalachian State University’s name, seal, logo or other indicia) may result in legal action and liability.

Please be advised that the turnaround time may be up to two weeks depending upon the volume of requests and other factors affecting workload.